Friday, 8 July 2011

Bits and Bob and Birthday Treats

Oh dear blog reader how I have shamed thee with my pathetic absence. Please accept all apologies!

Enough of that. What have I been up to, well not a lot really - I'm slowly working on getting my "studio" room cleared and decorated so I can get down to some serious art business. I've got so many paintings lined up, I know if I don't do them soon the inspiration that brought on their ideas will evaporate. I've done the odd sketcheroo, which I've posted to IG (Instagram) here's a few shots.

If you've got the Instagram app feel free to add me, my user name is theaschultheiss

It was my birthday in June, and my amazing man got me the bestest prezzies ever in the form of two, yes TWO Chet Zar prints! One of them a firm favourite "I Want You" and the other "Runt" which I'd never seen before.  I'm always amazed at how Mr Zar can create so many conflicting emotions within you. It simply astounds me. I'm ordering these bad boys some frames today and I'll have pics once their hung in my newly decorated art room.

Just to top it all off he also got me an awesome lightbox which is going to get some serious abuse, yep you guessed it, once the room is done! So because he's just too good for me, do me a favour, if you like alt rock / grungy music check out his band - Karmarosa link on the right - and if he asks, say I sent you because he's so good at Birthday gifts!

I like bloggers that leave you with a music video, I'm going to try and do this from now on. I'll start with a little Karmarosa clip - they are due to record their first official video soon, so this'll have to do for now, still, I think it's rocking considering it's just a snippet.

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