Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Mash: Sept - Dec

Let's be honest, I'm not very good at this am I?! Especially keeping up with all the little stuff. So the following is a mash up of various little things from Sept to Dec '10 and maybe a bit of January '11 too!

In September....

… I received my copy of the Mail Me Art book - and I was thrilled to see my little piece made it to the pages!

…. and I re-designed my site. I'm now using the Cargo platform and so far really liking it. Click the picture to check it out, feedback always welcome : )

In October...

…. had a day trip to London and got tattooed by the lovely and super talented Denver based Sandi Calistro, whilst doing a two day guest spot at the incredible Jayne Doe.

…. later that day I met up with a friend from school I'd not seen since we left 10 years ago! Pia Sukanya is a singer, actress and soon to be director. Yep, one of those, sickeningly multi-talented and gorgeous to look at!

In November...

.... I bought my very first piece of original art from the amazing N C Winters. It's called Memento no.3 and is from his recent solo show, Damages. This is so amazing up close, the detail is extraordinary, it's a like a little jewel.

… I also bought a super print from Australian illustrator Rik Lee. Check out his new web store, I have to say my print came way faster than I expected, so big shout out to Rik for his amazing art and excellent service!

Going to do a post on my own art collection soon, so will save photos of these till then.

In December...

.... I made this little fella, joint birthday and Christmas present for my dad. Yep, joint present, bloody cruel aren't I?!

The Reddest of them All
watercolour & graphite 
8 x 10 inches

So far in January...

... The newly formed band my man is in, Karmarosa, had their debut gig @ The Racehorse in Northampton last night. It was rocking and a wicked night all round. This morning I was paying the price a bit.

If you like a bit of alternative rock / grunge, go check them out and "like" them on Facebook. That always sounds weird doesn't it, go like them?! Right now they've just got a few rough demos but are planning to record in the next couple of months. They've not been together long so I'm really excited for them since last night seemed to go pretty bloody good, hopefully plenty more nights like that for them to come. Loads of respect for the amazing Joykill whom Karmarosa were supporting and for organising the whole thing.

Hope you all are having a rocking year so far!


  1. Thank you for your comment Kim! I quite like the fox too!! : )

  2. Thank you Karen - and thanks for reading! :D


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