Thursday, 2 September 2010

Haubrick Print

Look what I got today in the post, all the way from the US of bloody A... a wicked print by the super talented Tom Haubrick. I love his style, it's dark yet romantic. He uses a lot of black ink and watercolor by the looks of it, but don't quote me on that, it could all be ink of some description.

Along for the Ride, 12 of 15

If you don't know Tom you're missing out. He's both an talented illustrator and exceptional tattoo artist.
Check out his website HaubsComix and Etsy store full of more goodness like the one above, all at super reasonable prices, might I add?! Oh, and he's got a blog, that he updates pretty regularly and a Facebook page.

That's one more desired print checked off the list. Now for framing.


  1. That looks fantastic! I'm totally gonna check this guy out.

  2. Hi Karen, you totally should, Tom rocks!


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