Friday, 27 August 2010

Undecking the Halls

Luke Overin     //     Lee Nutland     //     Sean Sparks

So the Decked Project exhibition comes to a close this weekend. But if you haven't managed to get down there to check out all the amazing work, you can head over to the official flickr set. Each board has a note with the artist's name price of each piece, you just gotta hover over it. Some of these beauties start at a mere £75 - really humble pricing from some of these amazing artists.

If you want to purchase a deck (I know I want them all!) get in touch with the gallery or with curators Vicky & EJ at thedeckedproject [at]

I'm not sure how many are still available, so hurry!

Me     //     Dan Frye (wow!)

There's been a fair amount of press on the web about the show, it sure drummed up quite a bit of excitement, and I'm honered to get a mention and photos of my deck on some of these! Check out just a few of the reviews:

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