Friday, 20 August 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Here she is, my deck in all her skull-n-bunnylicious glory!

Everything's Coming Up Roses
acrylic & graphite on skateboard deck

+ click for larger view

Unfortunately it's unvarnished in this shot - as I varnished it last minute before packing - not recommended! Varnishing always seems to bring everything together more; makes the blacks blacker and colours pop. Oh well, you get the idea.

Sadly I was unable to attend because of work commitments but I hear the opening was a huge success.

Tina Ziegler of the amazing Hunt and Gather blog, author of the book of the same name and manager and curator of London Miles Gallery was in attendance and wrote a lovely post on her blog with a couple of great pictures. Feast your eyes.


  1. You're so good at acrylic painting!
    btw i made a button to link your art on my blog, hope you don't mind!

  2. Hello Kim!

    Well I don't feel very proficient in acrylics but I try!

    Wow, I love the button! I will be repaying the compliment and add your link here too, your work is beautiful. Hey people - go check out Kim's blog and beautiful drawings! Do it!


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