Thursday, 1 April 2010

Safe and (not completely) sound

Yey! January's pieces from the Mail Me Art project finally got posted online… the response was so massive it's taken the poor and very patient people of Mail Me Art several months to sort, and I presume photograph, all the mail.

Was very thrilled to see my piece in amongst them and chuffed to see they photographed both sides.

Then I looked a little closer, and what's this?! What the hell? I was expecting the top right corner to be adorned with a rather vintage looking Royal Mail ink stamp… guess the ink at the Royal Mail was running low that day so they just handed out CHARCOAL instead! I mean come on, I paid a POUND and all I get is a huge strike through pencil mark?! I think I deserve a stamp don't you?! Ah, I knew some crap would happen. Still, at least he got there. I quite like the battered corners though, they have a certain appeal.

Here's my hand picked favorites from the huge array of wonderful and weird and very different styles of work that was posted in. Names where possible.

Jennifer Lawson                                      

Shona Shirley MacDonald                                                                                           Amy Lau

Steve Coleman                                                                                       Emma Nicole Home

Check out January's gallery here.

Facebook group with details of the July exhibition of all the Mail Me Art 2 submissions

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