Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Last Unicorn Art Show - opening tomorrow!

The Last Unicorn Art Show
Opening Reception
7-11 pm
Friday 16th April 2010
Tattoo Factory Gallery, 4443 N. Broadway, Chicago IL

So if you're in the area, or not... why don't you make your way down to check out the show?! I'm not sure of exact timings but I'm guessing the show will be up for several weeks.

Curator Jeremy Scheuch has also organized two screenings of the film surrounding the show at different locations. Peter S. Beagle will be in attendance at both with a Q&A session for the attendees:

Saturday 17th April @ 3pm
Gorilla Tango Theatre
1919 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL


Sunday 18th April @ 3.30 pm
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo
Screening Room 1, McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL

Here's my piece which made it just about in time - thanks Fedex!

+ click to enlarge

20 x 24 cm
Watercolour, colour pencil & gouache on Somerset paper

I tried to incorporate my favorite elements from the story; in the border on the right is the castle, below is the Red Bull, above is the singing moth she encounters on her journey and to the left is her home forest. I wanted to incorporate more, like the witch, the unicorn as her human self and other characters but I thought it was simpler and better balanced like this.

Some details:
+ click to enlarge

I'll upload some of my process shots (which are of course still on my camera). Most of my original ideas and colour combos were excluded from the final piece and this was my second attempt, the first looked more like my sketch book studies - but it was destroyed in a fit of frustration! I'm pleased though because it resulted in this second one which I'm much happier with.

If you are interested in purchasing "Hope" please contact Jeremy Scheuch.

20% of the sales from this show go to The Children's Defense Fund.

I'm hoping to get a hold of some opening night photos, as I obviously won't be attending, and put them up after the opening - because frankly I just can't wait to see all the art together! In the run up to this show I've seen some amazing work for it pop up on the web from various artists involved, including some awesome 3D and plush work! Should be a truly spectacular and varied event.

Yeh, Unicorns rock!

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