Friday, 19 February 2010

Join the Club?

I've always held my pencil/pen/brush differently from people I see around me. I thought I was weird. Really weird. Until the other day.

I popped over to Sketch Theater, to check out the super Brandi Milne's first video on there, which is truly divine and whilst watching noticed that she holds her pencil the same way!! A thumb and TWO fingertips on the barrel! Hell yeh, take that all you pencil holding conformists! So, I'm not the only one, and guess what, Brandi is an insane artist, so I guess the pencil technique can't be all that bad!

Go check out Brandi's page on Sketch Theatre (she just added a second video to the site). I adore the videos, it feels very nearly pervy watching people work! It's great. I also love being able to see an entire work of art being created in super quick time. I've been inspired and Tim's album artwork is also being filmed, and I'll upload it here when it's done.
So who's gonna join me and Brandi in the "It-takes-More-Than-One-Finger-and-One-Thumb-to-Grip-a-Pencil Club"?! We need members!

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