Monday, 25 January 2010

Things n Stuffs...

...  I'm into right now. Here's me sharing goodness, both web based and actual physical thingymabobs.

Crumpet - by the exceptionally talented woman with what I can only assume are alien thumbs KitLane

Seriously cool networking site for artists, curators and art fans alike really worth a looksie.

Moths, or more specifically the insanely cool and slightly spooky Death Moth, or more scientifically correct given name Acherontia lachesis

Sketch Theatre - it's wonderfully vicarious but I just love watching people draw, anyone in fact - famous or a mere mortal! But Sketch Theatre showcases some of the best artists of our time, drawing right in front of your eyes. Haven't heard of it?! Then what the hell are you still doing here?!

More to come, I'm into a lot of stuffsies right now.

1 comment:

  1. hehe very cool moth! We use that type for our Spitefire band logo!

    Hope everythings going well for you.



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