Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mail Me Art

I have devised a plan to help me let go of stuff, and by stuff I mean art.

I can't take credit for the plan, Mail Me Art is a project now in it's second year, whereby artists send work in by post, there's a monthly winner and a show at the end - last year there was also a book published from 200 of the best offerings.

Dan May's incredible piece from last year

The TWIST? The ground for the work is the envelope you send, be it a tube, packet or whatever takes your fancy, that is the canvas and you just pop it in the post - the fact that there is the potential for them to get scuffed up in the system is apparently all part of it, so much so that you are NOT ALLOWED to put it in another envelope. Seriously masochistic isn't it?!

I'd been meaning to send something since I heard about it last year - and then recently it dawned on me, I'll be killing two birds with one hefty blow; I get to submit to a really cool project whilst at the same time learning to let go of stuff, in a seriously hardcore-letting-go type of way. I'll remain safe in the knowledge that this little guy is most likely gonna get stomped on at the sorting office, probably dropped in a puddle, or worse, dog shit... I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE POSTIE!! Ok, no I don't.

So here's my thingymajig, I call him Birdie-Bun... or something. He's got him some coloured pencil and watercolour on a home-made Arches paper envelope. He's going in the letter box tomorrow...

Note the excessive-wishful-thinking postage...

They are open for submissions until the end of this month.. so go get doodling (or creating a Renaissance masterpiece) on an envelope! Hell yeh.... I can feel myself detaching (and slowly unravelling?)


  1. That's gorgeous! Your artwork is really beautiful.

  2. Hi Jennifer, thank you, thank you!

    I just loved your hen submission... all your work has such a warming vintage quality. And that is one hell of an inspiring site you got there!

  3. This is gorgeous!! Oh how I would love to recieve this in the post!

    ...in reply to your comment on my blog (thank you!) - I didn't hear anything until they got in touch to say I had won Im afraid. I was exactly like you wondering and hoping that it had arrived safe and sound - I was imagining it getting wet or muddy too, but it did get there safely and I'm sure yours will too! :) (Also we have the added bonus of our mail art only travelling with the UK and not overseas).



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