Saturday, 2 January 2010

Festivities Creativities

Over the festive period I did actually get around to doing a few creative things, in between the copious amounts of food and fun!

Here's the Christmas card I ended up making from my original graphite drawing.

It's printed on my six-colour Epson in duotone red - as I figured the black and white was a bit too macabre for Christmas! Little robin got a good reception from all who received him, even by my Nan who I thought wouldn't be too enamored by the plight of the wormy!

I also had a bit of a play around combining coloured pencil and watercolour in a couple of new pieces. Usually for things like this I outline in pen, like my Anima Femina drawings, but I like the quality that the pencil outline gave here, much softer - maybe more forgiving...

Below are some initial sketches, progress and completed shots. Photos are a bit naff - can't be bothered to scan them right now.


Materials are Derwent Coloursoft pencils and Dr PH Martins watercolours, on Somerset printmaking paper.

EDIT:  "Kiss Me Slow" (retitled from"The Kiss") a tribute to Klimt's "The Kiss"

I actually did this for a show of the same theme at Pop Revolution Gallery, Mason, OH. But I'm in two minds whether to submit it or not. I think I like it too much to part with it; this has always been my problem, it's like sending your babies out into the world alone! Eeeek, what should I do?


  1. You're so sweet - Happy New Year out there, hope YOUR year is perfect!! the new works here!!


  2. Happy New Year! Love that Christmas card. I find it hard to part with stuff too. I know this might be too much of a hassle, but I've done it with some things, you could make a second. Maybe even with different material or size or a close up or something. Or you could just take the pain and part with it, good luck either way!

  3. Brandi - no YOU are!!

    Blue Eyed Night Owl - Awww thanks so much for your sweet advice, I think you're right I need to get a grip!! Happy New Year to you too!

  4. The duo in tats are just wonderful! So how did it go have you unleashed them onto the world?

    Happy new Year!

  5. Hi Emily! Thank you!

    Well, I tried really hard to get rid of it and send it out into the abyss (honest) - turns out it's a show for US residents only. Darn it!

    Anyway, I do have something up my sleeve - a sort of exercise in sending artwork out alone into the cold harsh world - literally! Will post tomorrow!

    Can I just say, after my own real-life bunsters, Dante is by far my favorite lagomorph!

  6. I LOVE your sketches! Great Work!


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