Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I didn't make any *resolutions* this year, I like things that are bad for me far too much! So instead I have decided to set myself a unobtainable goal... it might seem wildly pathetic compared to some of the goals I have heard artists set themselves already this year, but here goes.

Being that there 52 weeks in the year (I think, I haven't actually checked), there are therefore 52 weekends, seeing that this is the time I tend to make stuff I have set myself the goal of 52 works of art, at least, for 2010.

The rules are:

- They must be finished works
- No sketches or doodles, however bloody lovely they are
- It must be a drawing, painting or other "craft", snap-happy photos do not count
- I must try and complete one a week, not none for three weeks then four shit ones all at once
- If I'm not happy with it, it doesn't count - no making up the numbers with mediocre mindlessness

There, it's *public* so now I got to stick to it!

On another note, no bunny-bird in the post tonight, far too much white stuff on the ground, plus side is I get to keep him for one more night! Oh, he is counting as one of the 52, is that fair?! Yeh, course it is, I really like him! I can see these rules being bent already...


  1. Hey Thea!

    YOU hold your pencil like me???!!! HOly smokers,, I get made fun of all the time for that grip!! Wow! So glad to hear it!! We even out the world like book ends!!

    And what a great goal for the year!! Scary, but great! That's what I try to do when I'm preparing for a now!

    Here's to a fabulous 2010!!

  2. I KNOW!! We should totally do some tutorials on who to hold a pencil PROPERLY (or the Brandi and Thea way!!)

    Hope you are not too befuddled by all your works - it's going to be amazing, your shows always are! Wish I could come see one in person one day!

  3. I like your plan, i need to do the same! Last year i made some goals and conquested all of them which made me blissfully happy. You can do it Thea, btw i love all of your work!


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