Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Postcards... Up for Grabs!

You know those drawings I put up recently? It's ok, I'll wait here while you go check em out…

...well, I had them made into delicious postcards!

Limited to an edition of only 20 sets, each pack contains 4 postcards, one of each of the four drawings. They are going to be available to purchase shortly, on my website and also over on Etsy, but first I'm going to give FOUR sets away…. so I guess this is my first GIVEAWAY!! Wooop woop!!

I just wanted to do something to show my thanks to you, the people that even read the crap I write here!

To be in with a chance of receiving one of these fine sets through the mail, all you got to do is LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST… about anything you want - maybe to say hi, or perhaps to say what you'll do with the cards, or even just to let me know that your cat puked on the carpet! You decide.

Then next week on Sunday (29th Nov) I'll pick four of the comments at random from a hat! Don't leave your personal address details in your comment… I'll post the winners right here so they can get in touch by email to get their goodies.

Oh, and feel free to post as many comments as you like - no rules or moderation here!


  1. What cute drawings! And what a treat for the lucky winner! It´s been fun checking out your site!

  2. Beautiful work!
    And yay for celebrating the spirit of giving. :D

  3. Oh yes please!

    Count me in, and count this as my entry!

  4. Wow, you are a very talented artist!!! I would frame them and put them up in my home for all to admire... oh, and I don't have a cat so luckily no puke ;))

  5. Great etsy store your art work looks amazing!

    Comment & Follow my blog back?

  6. oh wow, they're beautiful! great work - I'd love to be entered :)

    p.s. is it a bad thing that I was drawn to the "Premeditative Murderess" one first? And the girl with the hole instead of a heart- very cool idea.

  7. Wow what great artistry. I love these pictures. The hair in 'Premedatitive Murderess' catches my eye!

    Count me in to be a winner. I would have these in pride of place in my house.


  8. I like these pictures they are very tattooish!

    Hope I win!!

  9. Amazing postcards! I would love to say that I would send them to friends as cheerful correspondence, but that would be a lie.
    I would keep those beauties and display them in my home office with my other Etsy art.
    Ok...maybe I would share ONE.


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