Monday, 26 October 2009

New Stuff

This is well over due... while I've been yakking about other stuff I haven't posted any of my own art in a while... so here's some new drawings, I say new, I did them about a month or so ago.

I used two mediums I don't usually combine - pen and CP (coloured pencil - come on, get with the lingo!).

I guess these are inspired by the the female form, tattoo art and, mmm now lets see, desperation? Could be.

"Dahlia's Empty Heart"

"That Sinking Feeling"

"Premeditative Murderess"

"Rose Rage"

Sometimes I have a hard time titling pieces, but I liked that last one especially! Oh and maybe this is where I should mentioned that it's not work-safe? Oops, too late!

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