Monday, 7 September 2009

Mmmm, art cravings

I have no idea what's come over me recently, but I've started to take a keen interest in investing in other people's art work and hanging it on my walls - as if you're meant to do anything else with it.

I guess it started with winning Brandi Milne's "pair of twos" - I was elated to have in my possession lovely work by someone other than myself... errr did that sound vain? It really wasn't meant like that... oh hell, you know what I mean!

So, my recent purchases are these prints from tattoo artist RabbitAbby's Etsy shop...

They are reproductions of her flash inspired pen and watercolours - just gorgeous. She's an amazing artist and an incredible tattooist, go check out her site and be in awe at how good she is after what is considered a pretty short time in the industry.

Oh yeh, and I wish I never joined Etsy - I want to buy everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on there!!

Next up is this exquisite and wonderfully dark, but colorfully ironic piece from Ana Bagayan entitled Prey.

It made me laugh so hard when I saw it, I thought "Hell yeh!! That's it, you go mousey!" - me and my intellectual thoughts! I guess that's the whole idea about art - whatever the viewer makes of it, right?!

Ana's site is a feast for the eyes, check out and follow her blog too, I do.

Are you an artist that has a fetish for other people's art? If so, I wanna know about it.


  1. I love artwork, I know that sounds weird, but it inspires work of your own! I can be a hard sell, but when I find something I love, I LOVE IT!

    Hope you're doing well and working hard!!

  2. You're so right Brandi, it's inspirational just having it around!

    Not sure about working hard, I am the epitome of procrastination... plus my so called "studio" is overrun with boxes right now, not nearly enough room to move, let alone paint and create stuff!


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