Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Thanks Everyone!!

Been a while but I've just been looking at my stats, check out this cool little map of my readers! So, just wanted to say thanks to you guys, everyone that stops by and reads...

Clicky and it should enlarge!

... even if you don't come back again, it's nice to see people passing by... hey wait, no you gotta come back, go on follow me!!

Seriously though, cheers everyone.

Pssss - if think you can spot yourself on the map - I'd love to know, so leave a comment if you can, that would be very cool!


  1. hey i think thats me in the texas area :)

  2. Hey Mando - yipppee, how cool is that?!

    Some people are very bunched togther, and it's hard to decifier, haha - but that is so good you spotted yourself!

    Thanks for letting me know, totally made my day :)


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