Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Brandi Milne's Pair of Twos

You may have read my previous shoutings about having won something in Brandi Milne's giveaway - well, I'm gonna do a bit more shouting right now because MY PRIZE ARRIVED!!!

Yesterday, all the way from across the big wide pond, arrived a little package straight from the hands of Brandi. Inside was my prize - two lovingly created, hand drawn playing cards, which Brandi calls A Pair of Twos. Each of the 10 pairs she made are unique, and each uber lucky recipient had no idea what their beautiful little pair would be - how cute and exciting is that?!

I was so thrilled that I had won, and I'm even more so now I have them, these bad boys are getting framed and hung in my abode to inspire and make me smile - I've never owned any original art (made by someone else!) before!

And just to top it off there were a couple of extra goodie treats included too... god, this girl is good to us! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read my earlier post, better yet, go check out Brandi and her art - it's truly lovely.

Oh and looky here - how lovely do they look framed?!

She's really inspired me, I want to do a giveaway too, giving is fun! What do you think?!

Watch this space peeps!


  1. Yeehaw!!! Yipee Kiyay Brother Lover!! (I heard that one the other day!) Thank you sooo much for the support and kind, kind, kind words!!! Please go visit my blog, I've something you'd like to see!! (wink, wink!) Do it!!

    Thanks again, lovely girl!

  2. they look amazing framed lucky lady!

  3. Soooo cute, they look great framed. (:


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