Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I've been really inspired by Brandi Milne recently, her beautiful work and instantly recognizable, almost retro-y style.

Anyway, the other day I was getting my daily fix of blogs and noticed she was doing a give away - didn't know what for then, she was very secretive! But what the hell, I entered by leaving a comment on her blog.... few days later, what do I know? I've WON!! Yep, me! Out of about 95 entries... how cool!

So for the prizes - She made 10 pairs of gorgeous little playing cards, pencil drawings, they are beautiful. I have no idea which pair I'll get, nor does she!

I'm so excited to get them in the post, I think this will be the first piece of original art by another artist I will have ever owned... and not just any old artist, Brandi Milne - who, I'll have you know, is really quite famous - check out her awesome work and blog here!

You can bet your bottom-recession-surviving-dollar I'll be letting you know all about my Pair of Twos after they wing their way into my awaiting arms! Yipeee!!

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