Friday, 6 March 2009


I can't remember how it happened, but recently I discovered the amazing world of Hi-Fructose Magazine - a quarterly US publication founded by Annie Owens and Attaboy, this "under the counter culture" goodness is filled with visual delights... it is the type of thing you don't know you're looking for, until it finds you.

I bought the current issue, Vol. 10 in the UK, but even before it had arrived on my door mat I was hooked to it's whole philosophy and style - I was determined to seek out some of the highly sought after back issues, namely volumes 5 & 6 which feature some real inspirations for me.

I searched high and low - Hi-Fructose had sold out of their own stock long ago and most places that stocked it also had "SOLD OUT" slapped all over... and you can forget even attempting to pick up back issues in the UK... I was virtual shopping across the pond. There's the monster that is Ebay, but you are looking at $20ish an issue - yep, that's how good this thing is!

I eventually found Frozen Empire Toys - a New York company specializing in designer vinyl - and they had back issues 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9!!! Wooop!!

So here they are, my prized volumes 5, 6 & 9 - yeh ok, I will invest in 7 & 8 soon...

Vol. 11 is shipping in April and included in it's features is the stunning work of Mark Ryden.

So, many thanks to Frozen Empire Toys for an excellent service and ensuring I got my fix! I guess they just might have more back issues in stock - so long as I didn't pinch the last few.

DISCLAIMER - I've not been paid for the righteous compliments in this post!


  1. I'll pay you something if you mention that I'M in that issue!! ;) I love your bunnies!!!

  2. (Oh guys, did I mention the awesome Brandi Milne is in this issue?!)

    Hey Brandi!

    Do you have vol 11 yet? I don't, but then stuff does take a while to get across the pond... we are left waiting - patiently, I must add!

    Thank you for your compliment, really means so much coming from you, your work is beautiful, I adore it!

    I have new stuff I am about to post, oil on wood - I'm really excited about this new lot, and it features bunnies, sort of! ;-)


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