Monday, 12 January 2009

Long Time No Scribble

Just popping by after ages of not posting. I've moved house, hence the long absence, but things are settling down again and I'll be posting often again soon... once we have our not so broad broadband up and running.

Work has also slowed, if not stopped completely! But I've decided to start on a drawing a day sketchbook for 09, as inspired by Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters.

I'll be drawing an object, thing or some stuff each day, everyday, for as many pages as there are in the book. So feel free to post a subject matter for me to draw. Could be a piece of fruit, a stapler, a staircase.... something I might have in my field of vision on a day to day basis, and we'll see what happens and of course I'll be posting them... probably 7 at a time, once a week.

Till next time, have a good new year!

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