Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Paintings, Drawings, Logos & Rabbits (of course!)

19th March? Was that my last post? Oh, dear poor show!

Well I had better get on then, firstly....

Theo at The Rabbit Retreat has officially launched her new site dedicated to her loving care of needy buns. She does such an amazing job looking after rabbits whose previous owners often couldn't care less... how she ever manages not to wipe out those ignorant souls is beyond me! She is a true angel.

Jay, an illusive web wizard, created this marvelous site for her to spread the word and I helped with the logo design and illustrations.

Visit The Rabbit Retreat to learn about how to properly care for these amazing animals and to sponsor a Retreat bunny and in doing so help all in Theo's care.


I am part way through an oil, of guess what - a bunny!

This is Bunnie, she is a black and white butterfly mini lop. Here are some of the stages so far.

It would be just my luck that in this quantum that we call the internet my teeny weeny little blog manages to pop up in one of her boyfriend's searches, let's hope not because it's meant to be a surprise!

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