Saturday, 25 February 2012

You've Reached the Old Blog

Hello world, I have a new blog - blogger has served me well but it's time to part ways.

Many thanks to anyone that has read this blog for a while, commented or generally shown an interest in my art - I am eternally grateful. I'm sorry I was too lazy to post very often, hopefully I can make amends.

Click the image below to be transported to my new home


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tea & Tits

These are the two paintings I managed to finish over the Christmas and New Year break - I was pretty ill, starting to feel nearly normal again but am allowing "them" to bleed me tomorrow for tests!


Happy Mouse
29 x 21 cm
Ink on Arches

Tea & Tits
29 x 21 cm
Ink on Arches

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas WIPS

This is my first mobile post, so no doubt the format will look ridiculous!

I took a bunch of days off for Christmas, and two days in I became ill, what the hell?! I'm starting to feel better, just in time for Christmas day. May Santa, and not Krampus, visit you tonight!

I have managed to refine a few drawings ready for painting over the coming days, here's some WIP pics.

Have a great day tomorrow (today) whether you're doing the Christmas thing or not.